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2021 RPCRA Committees

A committee’s primary function is to provide programs, products, and services that best meet members’ needs and are cost effective. Committee goals are set by the RPCRA Board of Directors and the outcome must comply with the Strategic Plan of RPCRA. If you are interested to volunteer please apply here.

2021 Committee Applications are closed.

Standing Committees

Budget/Finance Committee (Association/MLS)*


The Finance/Budget Committees role is primarily to provide financial oversight for the Organization.

  • Provide oversight for organizational financial planning.
  • Ensure that the Executive Committee and Board of Directors receive accurate and complete financial information.
  • Anticipate financial problems and monitor funds to ensure their availability to execute annual and strategic financial plans.

Committee Structure

The Finance/Budget Committee reports to the Association Board of Directors. The committee is composed of one Committee chair, who is the elected Treasurer for that term, and up to 12 committee members. Each committee member can serve multiple terms.

Committee Objectives

  • Support the Royal Palm Coast Realtors® Association, Inc. Board in the review and interpretation of financial statements and the general financial position of Royal Palm Coast Realtors® Association, Inc.
  • Assist and provide guidance to staff in establishing a viable budget.
  • Review yearly audit.
  • Establish/maintain sound financial practices.

Committee Member Responsibilities

  • Have general knowledge of revenue sources and major expense categories of the Royal Palm Coast Realtors® Association, Inc.
  • Review and provide feedback for proposed statements and worksheets provided by staff including monthly financials, annual operating budget, and capital budget.
  • Participate in the annual budget and audit process and make recommendation to the board regarding their approval.
  • Attend Finance Committee meetings.
  • Positively promote the Royal Palm Coast Realtors® Association, Inc. in the community.

Time Commitment

Monthly one-hour meetings. Time required to carefully review monthly financial statements provided by staff.


2020/21 Strategic Goal: Overall Success and Financial Wellness. Empower members with the tools to deliver professional consumer experiences.

Strategic Oversight Committee (SOC)
Public Policy Committee*
Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Committee*
Professional Development Committee
Professional Standards Committee**

Real Estate Specialties

Global Council

International Real Estate


To anticipate, analyze, and develop programs on global issues and opportunities; to develop ways to serve the specialized needs of members globally; to position RPCRA globally as an influential and authoritative representative of SW Florida real estate business and profession; to provide members with recognizable credentials and exposure within the global arena as well as an opportunity to be part of a global network that will generate business and contacts; to open up new real estate markets for RPCRA, Affiliates, and Realtors® products and services.

Committee Objectives

  • Creating programs and events that motivate members to become more efficient in the global market, demonstrating our commitment to leadership and the greater Realtors®
  • Promoting Diversity
  • Anticipating issues facing the industry and providing counsel in the event of a crisis to support the success of California almonds and the almond industry
  • Prepare recommendations to Board on programming needs and funding priorities
  • Support strategic planning, oversight and program development for Reputation and Issues Management, Industry Communications, Industry Relations, and Education and Community Relations
  • Ability to identify new relationships to assist in executing programs and events
  • Promote NAR’s CIPS designation and education designation

Makes Recommendations:

  • To the Board of Directors on advocacy related communications to the membership
  • Identify strategic partnerships
  • Resources that would benefit the membership

On educational collateral (programs/resources) on relevant topics in order to add value to the membership


  • Global policy as it relates to our profession set by NAR
  • Meets as needed to complete projects or Assignments


2021 Strategic Goal:


Commercial Alliance*


Events Committee


The Events Committee is an inclusive Planning committee composed of Realtors® and Affiliate members. The Events Committee plans and coordinates event activities, staffing events with volunteers, selects program and entertainment for events. The committee helps to facilitate valuable networking between members and makes membership fun!

Committee objectives

  • Fulfill required time commitment
  • Responsible for logistics and oversight of RPCRA events
  • Friendraise:by speaking publicly and privately with others about the organization’s good work
  • Creating a comprehensive event plan including goals/desired outcomes and theme of the event
  • Creating and agreeing on a comprehensive funding plan, inclusive of all estimated expenses of the sub-committees
  • Communicating regularly on the progress of the sub-committees
  • Approving all sub-committee decisions, i.e. program, food, marketing plan
  • Determining how to solicit/raise additional funds if needed
  • Setting ticket cost and process
  • Supporting sub-committees
  • Being available at all times during the day of the event
  • Participating completely during the event
  • Event evaluation and follow-up

Events Chairperson

The Chair provides leadership for the entire event planning process; orchestrating the overall production, providing guidance to volunteers as needed, and making the final decisions.


  • Oversee the entire event and planning process
  • Establish a task management schedule
  • Recruit key volunteers and motivate committee members to chair various sub-committees
  • Communicate responsibilities and ensure objectives are met
  • Ensure communication between committees is active and productive
  • Chair committee meetings and foster an environment that generates new and exciting ideas
  • Act as liaison between committee chairpersons and community organizations
  • Establish budget and maintain financial controls
  • Responsible for all final decisions
  • Responsible for committee succession planning


2020/21 Strategic Goal:

Building relationships of relevance with members and consumers

Engaging, motivating and empowering membership

Members & Consumers

Grievance Committee**
Technology and Productions Committee
Young Professionals Network (YPN)

Sub Committees

Investment/Reserve Sub Committee*

Sub-Committee of the Budget/Finance Committee


The Investment/Reserves Committee maintains an investment policy detailing the objectives of the investment portfolio, guidelines on the asset allocation of the portfolio based on a predetermined level of risk tolerance, authorizations for executing transactions, disposition of earned income, etc.

  • Ensures provisions of the policy are followed.
  • Reviews the policy at least annually and update if necessary.
  • Evaluates the investment managers/advisors.
  • Manages its cash to optimize earned revenue.

The President of the Board of Directors, per bylaws, shall appoint the chair. The chair will serve a one-year term with possible reappointment by the President.


Time Commitment

3 to 4 meetings per year or as needed. Time required to carefully review monthly financial statements provided by staff.


2020/21 Strategic Goal: Committing to the success of all members

Candidate Screening


Committees denoted with * are appointed by the President. Please submit your name to be elegible for appointments. Committees denoted with ** require training.

Proficient Leadership Manual

This manual will help you along your path as volunteer on our committees. Our practical guide to RPCRA Proficient Leadership Manual is updated on an annual basis.

2020 Committee Description

Please note, Committees are subject to change. The number and nature of Committees are selected by the President based on our Strategic Plan and Policy.
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