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It is past the closing date how do correct the closing date now?

Request your broker make the change or email MLS@rpcra.org or call 239-936-3537

I have a listing that has expired or terminated, how do I copy it to a new listing?
How do I transfer a listing from one listing broker to another?
How to add a virtual tour link to the listing?
Why can a single-family home not be listed as an income listing?
I just got a new phone, how do I add the Supra eKey to my new phone?
How do I find the lot dimensions?
How do I change my email address or phone number in Matrix?
My listing is past the closing date, how do I update the listing to the new date?
Can I market a listing on social media or email blasts before it’s entered into the MLS?
I moved to a different office, why did my listings not move?
What is the difference between the Building Design and Ownership fields?

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